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Monday, July 27, 2009

After ALA Things Are Quiet

ALA Annual in Chicago was a treat! Thanks to all who stopped-by in the exhibit hall to greet me. Traffic was good, and it was fun meeting folks from New Buffalo, plain old Buffalo,
Jamaica, West Africa, and The Middle East.

Lake Michigan was a joy to behold, as its vast waters welcomed all to her shores. I walked the beach in Evanston, Illinois, in bare feet, creating spiral patterns in the sand.

The local metro lines served me well. Up and down the Red Line, Blue to O'Hare, buses, too.
My thanks to the metro service folks who were patient enough to steer me through...

Now life is quieter....back to summer in upstate NY. Cayuga Lake is here to calm the heart.

Hope you will enjoy July and early August as well. Some say the next days may bring
a sweltering wave.

Peace to you and yours,

Friday, July 17, 2009

BUSCA News: New Website Launched

We're introducing our new look to our website today. Visit it online here:

Hope you enjoy and feel welcome to comment!