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Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 ILF Annual Conference November 12-14 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Come see us at booth #427 at the Indiana Library Conference, November 12-14, in Indianapolis, Indiana. BUSCA, INC. will be featuring details regarding its acclaimed library supply service for hard-to-find, foreign, and conventional print books and DVDs.  Being an OCLC WorldCat Partner and a SKYRIVER Vendor Partner allows our staff to assist library operations in additional ways (including processing of ordered materials). Furthermore, BUSCA is a partner with EBRARY....and we will be adding additional e-book platforms in the future. BUSCA has also published a group of monographs, which will be on-display at our exhibit.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Busca Offers New Spanish Titles

Busca will help you fill your shelves with a wide range of popular and hard to find Spanish language titles.  To find out more about these and many other bestselling Spanish language titles, or to locate that hard-to-find titles, log into your Busca account, or contact our expert staff.

EL CAMINO DEL SOL | Rainshadow Road

By: Lisa Kleypas 
9788415420088 | PB | 336 Pages | $20.95 | Ediciones B | Contemporary Romance
Language:  Spanish

Kleypas brings together richly nuanced characters, an emotionally riveting plot, and a subtle touch of the paranormal to create an unforgettable romance, that is pure reading magic.
- Booklist

Lisa Kleypas is the Award-winning author of twenty-one novels. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world.
- Romantic Times


Lucy Marinn is stunned and blindsided by the most bitter kind of betrayal: her fiance Kevin has left her. His new lover is Lucy's own sister. Facing the severe disapproval of Lucy's parents, Kevin asks his friend, Sam Nolan to "romance" Lucy and hopefully loosen her up and get over her anger. Complications ensue when Sam and Lucy begin to fall in love.

EL NARCO | El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency

By: Ioan Grillo 
9788493696160 | PB | 480 Pages | $25.95 | Ediciones Urano | Present Chronicles

Language:  Spanish

Effectively analyzes how Mexico came to control drug trafficking, how it spreads, and what can be done about it. This excellent work packs an exploration of the Italian Mafia, which also displays the fruits of direct reporting bolstered by intensive interviewing.
- Booklist

Accomplished, chilling account of the murderous growth of Mexican drug cartels, Grillo has reported from the region since 2001; his experience is evident in his easy, wry familiarity with the political and social currents of Latin America. It's a valuable contribution to the literature of the Drug War.


The world has watched stunned at the bloodshed in Mexico. Thirty thousand murdered since 2006. It draws the first definitive portrait of Mexico's drug cartels and how they have radically transformed in the last decade. El Narco is not a gang; it's a movement and an industry.

BAILE CON SERPIENTES | Dance with Snakes

By: Horacio Castellanos Moya 
9788483834107 | PB | 176 Pages | $19.95 | Tusquets Editores | Fiction

Language:  Spanish

Shocking and bizarre the book certainly is, but what makes it most interesting is the way in which the violence, initially inspired by a vague personal sense of vengeance, begins to threaten the entire shakily-constructed social order.
- James Crossley, Review of Contemporary Fiction

It's Castellanos Moya's fantastical novel, and a different kind of revenge fantasy. Instead of working the intellectual angle, it goes for the jugular. Nothing could be as terrifying and unpredictable as poisonous snakes. They're the perfect stand-in for real-life violence that's too extreme to be credibly portrayed in fiction.
- Natasha Wimmer, The Nation


A yellow Chevrolet from the fifties appears parked in the street. Jacinto, a homeless man lives inside of it. One night he dies decapitated and a psychopath inherits the Chevrolet and its inhabitants: a group of snakes with frozen eyes that act as if their souls are possessed, rising to the murder, falling apart entire lives and spreading terror in town.

LOS MENSAJES DE LOS SABIOS | Message from the Masters

By: Brian Weiss 
9788498726619 | HC | 306 Pages | $14.95 | Ediciones B | Mind, Body & Spirit

Language:  Spanish

Now in a new pocket format.

From the author of the bestselling Many lives, many Masters comes a spiritual guidebook that shows readers how to capture the energy of love.

The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient, and the past-life therapy that changed both their lives.


Dr. Weiss fascinating case stories and the wisdom of his spirit guides to help bring joy, balance and harmony into life. Learn how to use the amazing power of love to get rid of fear, worry, sadness, anger and other negative thoughts and emotions, and bring love and healing into your life. This spiritual guidebook will change how you think about the world for ever.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oxford University Press Bestsellers in Law

Oxford University Press is bringing you the best titles in law this August.  As a Busca customer you can take advantage of the Busca’s featured publisher discount.  To find out more about these and many other bestselling law titles, or to locate that hard-to-find title, log into your Busca account, or contact our expert staff.

Point Made

How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates
Ross Guberman
ISBN13: 9780195394870
Paperback, 338 pages
Feb 2011
Price: $15.95


With Point Made, legal writing expert Ross Guberman throws a life preserver to attorneys, who are under more pressure than ever to produce compelling prose. What is the strongest opening for a motion or brief? How to draft winning headings? How to tell a persuasive story when the record is dry and dense? The answers are "more science than art," says Guberman, who has analyzed stellar arguments by distinguished attorneys to develop step-by-step instructions for achieving the results you want.
The author takes an empirical approach, drawing heavily on the writings of the nation's 50 most influential lawyers, including Barack Obama, John Roberts, Elena Kagan, Ted Olson, and David Boies. Their strategies, demystified and broken down into specific, learnable techniques, become a detailed writing guide full of practical models. In FCC v. Fox, for example, Kathleen Sullivan conjures the potentially dangerous, unintended consequences of finding for the other side (the "Why Should I Care?" technique). Arguing against allowing the FCC to continue fining broadcasters that let the "F-word" slip out, she highlights the chilling effect these fines have on America's radio and TV stations, "discouraging live programming altogether, with attendant loss to valuable and vibrant programming that has long been part of American culture."
Each chapter of Point Made focuses on a typically tough challenge, providing a strategic roadmap and practical tips along with annotated examples of how prominent attorneys have resolved that challenge in varied trial and appellate briefs. Short examples and explanations with engaging titles--"Brass Tacks," "Talk to Yourself," "Russian Doll"--deliver weighty materials with a light tone, making the guidelines easy to remember and apply.

Client Science

Advice for Lawyers on Counseling Clients through Bad News and Other Legal Realities
Marjorie Corman Aaron
ISBN13: 9780199891900
Paperback, 288 pages
Apr 2012
Price: $31.95


Lawyers know that client counseling can be the most challenging part of legal practice. Clients question and often resist the complexities and uncertainties inherent in law and legal process. Honest advice from the lawyer can make a client doubt his or her allegiance and zeal. Client backlash may be directed at the lawyer who communicates bad news. Thus, the lawyer may feel torn between the obligation to clearly inform a client about weaknesses in legal positions and fear of damaging the client relationship. Too often, the lawyer struggles to counsel a particularly difficult client, but to no avail.

The End of Lawyers?

Rethinking the nature of legal services
Revised Edition
Richard Susskind OBE
ISBN13: 9780199593613
Paperback, 352 pages
Sep 2010
Price: $21.20


This widely acclaimed legal bestseller has provoked a tidal wave of debate within the legal profession, being hailed as an inspiration by some and as heresy by others. Susskind lays down a challenge to all lawyers, and indeed all those in a professional service environment. He urges them to ask themselves, with their hands on their hearts, what elements of their current workload could be undertaken differently - more quickly, cheaply, efficiently, or to a higher quality - using alternative methods of working. The challenge for legal readers is to identify their distinctive skills and talents, the capabilities that they possess that cannot, crudely, be replaced by advanced systems or by less costly workers supported by technology or standard processes, or by lay people armed with online self-help tools.

In the extended new preface to this revised paperback edition, Richard Susskind updates his views on legal process outsourcing, courtroom technology, access to justice, e-learning for lawyers, and the impact of the recession on the practice of law. He analyzes the four main pressures that lawyers now face (to charge less, to work differently, to embrace technology, and to deregulate), and reveals common fallacies associated with each. And, in an entirely new line of thinking, Susskind argues that law firms and in-house departments will have four business models from which to choose in the future, and he provides some new tools and techniques to help lawyers plan for their future.

Susskind argues that the market is increasingly unlikely to tolerate expensive lawyers for tasks (guiding, advising, drafting, researching, problem-solving, and more) that can equally or better be discharged, directly or indirectly, by smart systems and processes. It follows, the book claims, that the jobs of many traditional lawyers will be substantially eroded and often eliminated. Two forces propel the legal profession towards this scenario: a market pull towards commoditisation and a pervasive development and uptake of information technology. At the same time, the book foresees new law jobs emerging which may be highly rewarding, even if very different from those of today.

The End of Lawyers represents a compelling vision of the future of the legal profession and a must-read for all lawyers. Indeed this book should be read by all those whose work touches on the law, and it offers much food for thought for anyone working in a professional environment.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Springer Releases New Titles in Medicine

Busca, Inc. announces the release of new titles in Biomedicine, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Medicine from Springer, one of Busca’s featured publishers.  Log into your Busca account to take advantage of our discount on these and many other title from Springer, or contact our expert staff to learn more.

Advances in Neuromorphic Memristor Science and Applications
Kozma, Robert; Pino, Robinson E.; Pazienza, Giovanni E. (Eds.)
2012, 2012, VIII, 320 p. 164 illus., 116 in color.
ISBN 978-94-007-4490-5

Bacterial Regulatory RNA
Methods and Protocols
Series: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 905
Keiler, Kenneth C. (Ed.)
2012, 2012, XI, 333 p. 55 illus., 10 in color.
A product of Humana Press
ISBN 978-1-61779-948-8

Computational Systems Neurobiology
Le Novère, Nicolas (Ed.)
2012, 2012, VIII, 570 p. 171 illus., 80 in color.
ISBN 978-94-007-3857-7

Information Processing in Computer Assisted Interventions
Third International Conference, IPCAI 2012, Pisa, Italy, June 27, 2012, Proceedings
Abolmaesumi, P.; Joskowicz, L.; Navab, N.; Jannin, P. (Eds.)
2012, 2012, XIII, 180 p.
ISBN 978-3-642-30617-4